The Mansions at Canyon Ridge Luxury Apartments!

Current Monthly Rates:*
 Dakota (1st Flr):Call Us
 Dakota (2nd Flr):Call Us
 Del Rey:Call Us
 Cabella I:Call Us
 Cabella II:Call Us
 Sonoma:Call Us
 Sterling:Call Us

Additional Options:**
 Select Locations:$15
 Stainless Appliances:$25
 Cherry Cabinets:$25
 Granite Counters (1BR):$25
 Granite Counters (2BR):$35
 Vinyl Wood Planking

 Vinyl Wood Planking


*Base monthly rate
** Monthly rate for additional apartment upgrades in addition to base monthly rate

The Mansions at Canyon Ridge LLCAt The Mansions at Canyon Ridge LLC, you can rest assured you will live in comfort and style. From carefully landscaped country surroundings to luxurious apartment homes, our extraordinary community was designed for those who seek the very best.

The Mansions at Canyon RidgeOur residences offer the feel of private contemporary homes, complemented by all of the choice amenities expected in luxury apartment living. One of the finest luxury communities in Connecticut, The Mansions were designed to provide style and comfort.

Current Rental Policies:

Qualifications: The Mansions at Canyon Ridge, LLC will run a complete credit and criminal background check on each applicant(s) and any other occupant. Applicants must have satisfactory credit ratings with no significant patterns of late-payments and/or reports of bankruptcies, foreclosures, in the last five years. Also, there must be no outstanding collection items, current delinquent accounts or unpaid charge-offs. Only one unpaid charge-off up to the amount of $1,000.00 is allowed. Documentation must be provided in the event of a charge-off, paid or unpaid.

Present and prior rental history will be researched. Rental history must be favorable, without any reports of evictions, lease breakage, late payments, NSF checks or complaints or damages.

Applicant must have verifiable income and must meet our income guidelines. Applicants should have no reports of convicted felonies, violent misdemeanors, misdemeanor A or arrest for misconduct or assault.

All applicants must be at least 18 years old and have a United States Social Security Number.

Income: Monthly rent shall not exceed 28% of gross monthly income. Income must be verified as part of the application process. Allowances from scholarships, study subsidiaries and/or inconsistent income such as alimony, commissions or tips will require written verification. One half of liquid savings and investments may be counted toward annual income. Any assets must be in accounts within the United States.

Insurance: Renter's Insurance is required for all apartments

Pets: No pets allowed, with the exception of fish.

About Chapman Apartment Homes:

Chapman Apartment Homes is the owner and professional management company of 4 rental communities located in Northeastern Connecticut. With properties located in Tolland, Ellington, Vernon and East Windsor, Chapman Apartment Homes offers a full time maintenance staff and 24 hour emergency service.   Learn More